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  • Free use of the current Nets, and new Swiftnets®, the  FCPC Official Net, coming soon, in the Bins at Spring Canyon Park 
  • Free use of the ball control fences at Spring Canyon Park
  • Free use of the Dakota Sno Blades at Spring Canyon Park and Twin Silo Park
  • Lots of new friends
  • Great social functions and activities
  • Guaranteed outdoor play time
  • Only Members receive first notifications of leagues, tournaments, classes, and clinics
  • Discounts on leagues, tournaments, classes, and clinics
  • Early sign-up for leagues, tournaments, classes, and clinics
  • Access to members-only instruction, court time, ladder ranking
  • Free introductory clinics for new Pickleball players covering rules and basic play to give you a jumpstart for rapid improvement
  • Discount on the FCPC Official Net, the Swiftnet®. For a $20 discount, use code FCPC20.
  • And so much more!
  • Memberships are annual for one full year from date of membership so join now to be sure to receive the “hot off the press” news about activities as soon as they are released! As one example, our Leagues often fill up quickly so it’s important to sign up soon after they are announced. We have many of them during the year. They typically meet weekly for 6 week periods.
  • Note that your dues are NOT tax deductible.
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Huge Member Benefit That Needed a Section of Its Own: FREE USE OF PORTABLE NETS!

One of the many benefits of the Club is that you are allowed free use of the Nets and Screens in the Bins at Spring Canyon Park. In addition, you are allowed free use of the Dakota Sno Blades at Spring Canyon Park and Twin Silo Park.


We will soon be replacing all nets with the FCPC Official Net, the Swiftnet®, the best pickleball net in existence.

  • They keep the smoothest inverse arc of 36  inches height at the ends and 34 inches height in the center, without a center pole, far better than any other net.
  • The poles and bars of these nets are made from recycled carbon which makes them lighter and stronger than metal poles and bars.
  • View the video below for the other many cutting-edge features of these nets.

>>> IMPORTANT! Watch this video for "Proper Set-up of the Swiftnet®." Note: You can skip the section from 0:45 - 1:25 since this covers installing a component which is a one-time process and has already been done on all nets. Second Note: The base stand Glen shows in the video is on the v1.0 SwiftNet and the FCPC nets are the v2.1 nets but the installation process is the same for both versions.

Optional Video: Watch this video to see the "Seven Cutting-Edge Features" of these nets.

If you'd like to get a Swiftnet® for yourself, we arranged for you to get a $20 discount with the code FCPC20.

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