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In order to comply with the Governor’s order and to keep everyone safe, all pickleball activities are currently cancelled.  We’ll let everyone know when we fire things back up again.  Until then, reach out to your PB friends on the phone or social media to keep the community strong.
See you on the courts!

I wish summer would get here!

We’ll have more info here when things get cranked up again.

In the meantime, if you need new gear go to and enter the club code CRFTCollins for a discount.  The Club will also get a contribution which we use on new balls for you to play with.

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Info from a USAPA Board Member who is a public health professional.

From: Ernie Medina <>
That’s an interesting question…I’ve heard some try all kinds of things, wiping it down or dipping the balls in a bucket of bleach water….
The challenge is keeping the ball clean in between cleanings. Let’s say I’m infected by asymptomatic. So we clean the ball at the start of the game, but then when I’m serving, I touch the ball and re-infect it again. Then the other side picks up the ball and gets my virus….and so it goes.
Wearing a glove on your non-paddle hand would be one way to try and protect you, but then if you touch that gloved hand to your shorts, shoes, hat, jersey, etc. and transfer the virus from your glove to your jersey, and then later, after you take off the glove carefully, you touch your jersey where the virus was on and it gets on your hand anyway.
So as you can see, IF someone or some people ARE infected but not showing any symptoms, it is possible for them to spread the virus, even if the balls are cleaned regularly and you wear gloves while touching the ball during play. the only way you could make sure you don’t spread the virus is if none of the players are infected…and there’s no easy way to know that, since they can be without symptoms.
in other words, it would be pretty much impossible to prevent the spread of the virus from an infected player because of all the possible points of contact.
Hence my opening comments–I pretty much ASSUME that I will get infected or be exposed to the virus, so I’m doing all I can to boost my immune system to defeat it when I get the virus.
If there are any players who are at risk of serious complications, I would discourage them from playing right now. And they don’t have to be old, either. We just had a church member, 50 years old, who died yesterday from what we believe is COIVD19 but he didn’t get tested, so we don’t know for sure. But he had all the classic symptoms, got pneumonia, and then couldn’t breathe! Come to find out he had high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes…all 3 are RISK FACTORS and indicate definite depressed immune system with those 3 diseases, so even at 50, he was at major risk if he were to get infected, and it looks like he did, sad to say.
That’s a long answer to your question–I hope that helps!
Stay well,

Ernie Medina, Jr., DrPH, ACSM-CEP, CHWC
USAPA Board At Large: Health & Wellness, Recreational & Training
USA Pickleball
USAPA Ambassador – Loma Linda, CA