Here are some talking points to help provide a consistent message to the City Council and Staff.

1- Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US with over 2.8 Million participants in 2017.

2- It is easy to learn, even for seniors.

3 – Played by all ages from 8 to over 80.  

4-  Provides social engagement as well as exercise

5- Why is PB important to you?  

6- What benefit do you and others gain?

7-  The city gives out information that there are 12 outdoor courts scattered around the city.  What is not understood is that most of them are concrete with little or no fencing, no nets, cracked and unplayable courts and often no bathrooms nearby.  So if you email or speak directly to city leaders remind them that really, the only Pickleball dedicated outdoor courts are at Twin Silos (4) and City Park (2-3 usable and only part of the outdoor season).

8- Also, mention how difficult it is to play indoors at the Sr Center due to crowding. You often have to sit longer than you can play.

9- Help them to understand that because it is a social as well as athletic activity, Drop-in or Open Play and League play is very popular.  And therefore, 6-12 (or more) courts in one place is more appropriate than courts scattered about the city.

10- Ask them to support Budget Offer 32.5 which is asking for 4 lighted PB courts at Spring Canyon Park. Actually, tell them that the PB community would like to expand that to 6 lighted courts at Spring Canyon Park and have been told that there is room for that many courts and it would be the most cost effective if done at this time.

11 – . Be very positive & respectful when expressing pickleball needs/opinions. If you are visiting individuals or a group in person, provide your contact information on a card so they can follow-up with you.